My favorite album by any artist is their first one. It's the only one that combines whatever artistry there is with the innocense of a reach for the stars. for as long as I've know sharyn she's wanted to sing, not to make a million dollars or become famous, just for the pure joy of singing. Sure, you hear a voice, but what you really hear is a heart.
- Joel Dorn, Grammy Award Winning Record Producer

Sharyn breathes new life into these timeless songs
- Elliot Mintz - Media Consultant

It's not just deja vu. It's as if you never left. Sharyn gives unforgettable performances of America's best songs. Her voice is like antigravity.
- Terry Ryan - Musical Director of Legends in Concert Las Vegas

Sharyn Wynter's new CD is a refreshing step back in time with unique arrangements that compliment her laid-back style. Her singing is like liquid kisses that bring a seductiveness to every lyric
- Jim Robak - Arranger / Musician

When you want to hear a female singer, that puts emotion, warmth and, above all, a pleasurable voice, combined with arranger and producer Darryl Kennedy, you have a wonderful CD of songs, that you will enjoy listening to, over and over again. That singer is Sharyn Wynters. A voice to listen to.
- Personal Manager - Frank Campana

She brings a new breeze for the music world of this age, bringing music to a new generation of songs we all know.
- Hiro Yamagata - World Renowned Artist
Your voice is an inspiration to me not only with your expertise in keeping me healthy, but now comes full circle by inspiring others through your singing of the great songs of love in our time
- Master Impressionist - Fred Travalena
What better music to have playing in the background during a quiet evening then that of Sharyn's. Her music sets the mood, whether you are alone relaxing or sharing a romantic moment with a significant other. Sharyn's music creates an oasis away from the every day life. It's soft, it's caressing, it's beautiful, and itís an escape...
- Web Master - Jim Hague



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